Jigsaw Puzzle Archives has been a project I've been wanting to work on for a long time, but I never really had a clear cut vision about what I wanted to accomplish. Not long ago I started working on an online catalog for vintage Milton Bradley puzzles, and the idea struck me "why not an all-encompasing catalog for vintage jigsaw puzzles?". At the same time I was managing one of the largest Facebook groups for jigsaw puzzles on the internet. While older not as popular as modern jigsaw puzzles, I did notice a growing populace of vintage puzzle nuts, such as myself.

The Facebook group satisfied the general interest for jigsaw puzzles, but didn't address vintage puzzles specifically, so the idea grew.

We will focus on die-cut cardboard, cork and foam jigsaw puzzles, from the 1930's to about 1990, including puzzles with no less than 250 pcs. Puzzles with less than 250 pcs, at least to me, are considered children's puzzles and will not be covered here. Also, frametray puzzles will not be included. We will be including only American manufacturers in the catalogs, but will included a forum to discuss non-American made vintage puzzles. Another popular type of vintage jigsaw puzzles are the hand-cut wooden puzzles. There is quite a large following for these and many resouorces already on the internet, so coverage here, as well, will be minimal. Some brands that already have comprehensive websites available for reference, will not have as much coverage here either. You can find links to some of these websites on the LINKS page.

The catalog section will start out small, but will grow with the assistance of the puzzling community, at least that is my hope. Most of the puzzles to begin with, will be from my own collectin and archives.

I will be including a threaded message board for the exchanging of information, sharing of puzzle finds, asking questions and, eventually, buying/selling/trading vintage puzzles with other forum members.