Here you will find a list of known, American, jigsaw puzzle brands and companies from the 1930's to about 1990's. The focus here will be diecut puzzles and not hand cut wooden puzzles. There are already many online resources for wooden puzzles. Each company or brand title will take you to another page where you will find lists of known puzzles, in many cases with pictures added. If you see this icon next to a puzzle title, click on it and you will see an image of the puzzle itself. This is a huge undertaking and many brands, series, companies and puzzle titles will be missing, but will be updated as regularly as I can manage. Additions from fellow puzzle enthusiasts are appreciated.

Last updated 8/11/17

Adult Jig Picture Puzzle (Whitman) (4)
American Publishing (APC) (3)
Art Picture Puzzle (CW Busby)
Ballyhoo Magazine (1)
Beachcraft Jigsaw Puzzle (3)
Big Star (see Pefect Picture Puzzle website)
Big Ten (see Pefect Picture Puzzle website)
Buckingham Jig Picture Puzzle (See Milton Bradley)
Buffalo Games (8)
Built Rite (Warren) (8)
Colorforms (33)
Daze Jig (2)
Decipher Inc. (2)
Dee-Gee Picture Puzzle (2)
Eaton (92)
Every Week Jig-Saw (10)
Fairchild (21)
Fine Art Picture Puzzle (Transogram) (7)
Fine Arts Picture Puzzle (see Playtime House)
Fink & Co (5)
Five Star Adult Jig Picture Puzzle (See Whitman)
Freelance (8)
Genesee Picture Puzzle (See Fairchild)
Giant Jig Picture Puzzle
Gold Medal (see Whitman)
Grant's Puzzle Series
Great American Puzzle Factory (59)
Guild (see Whitman)
Hammonds Pleasure Time Picture puzzle
Happy Hour Picture Puzzle (4)
Historical Picture Puzzle (1)
Interlox (see Saalfield)
International Polygonics
Jaymar (3)
Jig 400 (see Jig of the Week)
Jig DeLuxe (see Jig of the Week)
Jiggety Jig
Jig of the Week
Jig Time
Jig-Zag Puzzle (Louis F Dow)
Jumble Jig Picture Puzzle (1)
Mainstreet Puzzles
Master Piece Picture Puzzle
Mayfair Jig Picture Puzzle (12)
Milton Bradley (559)
New Super 400 Picture Puzzle (see Novelcraft)
Nordevco (8)
Novelcraft (1)
Nu-Art Jig-Cut Picture Puzzle
Paper Pros (2)
Parker Brothers (3)
Perfect Picture Puzzle (see Pefect Picture Puzzle website)
Picadilly Jig (see Milton Bradley)
Playboy Playmate Puzzle (APC)
Playtime House
Puzzle Factory, The (see Great American Puzzle Factory)
Rainbow Works
Regent Specialties Inc. (3)
Rig-A-Jig Puzzle
Shmuzzle Puzzle
See America First Picture Puzzle (16)
Star Puzzle (3)
Tru Art Puzzle (2)
Tuco (see Tuco website)
Whitman, including Guild (201)
Wilkies Picture Puzzle Co (14)
Windsor Jig (2)
Witch "300" Puzzle
Wonder Puzzle (1)
World Impressions (15)
Comprehensive websites for individual puzzle companies - Perfect Picture Puzzle, Big Star, Big Ten - Very in-depth website for these popular brands of vintage jigsaw puzzles

Tuco Puzzle Site - Everything you need to know about Tuco jigsaw puzzles

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Diane Lewis
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